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Community Handbook
Information for New Members

We hope that you have a long and fruitful membership with us. The purpose of this Handbook is to provide members with important information about our policies, procedures and practices which will be helpful throughout their game play.

Terms and Conditions of Membership
Membership with The Armada Fleet is open for anyone and everyone who is looking to have a good time with a group of good people playing STO. We do not have any elitist requirements and you can play the way you want to play.

Playtime Hours
The Armada Fleet has a real life first policy. We have members that are very active to the player who plays casually.

Access To Fleet Resources
New members start at the Fleet Rank of Lieutenant, at this rank you will not have access to any Fleet Provisions or Bank access. If you see something in the fleet bank that can assist you feel free to ask someone with access to get it for you. Please refer to the Fleet Bank Rules section of this document.

I need help who can I ask?
The Armada Fleet prides itself on its ability to help provide excellent support to our members. There is not one specific person assigned to assist people. We as a fleet ask all members to help where they can. Ask in our Global Chat Channel “AF Comm System” and we will assist you. If you need help with getting gear or help with overall setup we do have people that like to go the extra mile and show you
everything you want to know. We offer training and knowledge in the game that can drastically improve most members game play.

Teamspeak is where you can get all the help in half the time.

Fleet Communications
The Armada Fleet Fleet uses 3 forms of communication. The Fleet Website, Teamspeak, and our global chat channel, AF Comm System. You don’t have to use all of these but we do highly encourage it. The Armada Fleet is committed to ensuring that its members have access to, and are provided with, relevant information about the game. We aim to keep you informed about what is happening within to explain the decisions that have been taken and to listen to your views and ideas. We endeavor to communicate openly and honestly and to be clear, simple, and jargon free.

The Armada Fleet operates as a community. Everyone's suggestions and play styles are welcome. You will not be judged based on your character class or play style. There is NO DPS REQUIREMENT to be a member of the fleet or play the game with us.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of The Armada Fleet to enhance the gameplay of our members in Star Trek Online. We will achieve this by creating a fair and safe gaming environment for all of ourmembers.

Code of Conduct
Treat others as you would want to be treated. All fleet members should carry themselves in a manner the shows the best The Armada Fleet has to offer while in game. The Armada Fleet is a safe haven for all of its members; no bullying or elitist attitudes will be tolerated.

Respect the Chain of Command
All fleet officer decisions are final.

If the outcome of the officers decision is unfavorable a grievance may be placed with the Governing Council.

Fleet Uniforms
Current Fleet Uniform Setup can be found in the Ensign's Packet.

You are not required to wear the fleet uniform at all times.

Fleet uniforms are required for fleet events, such as a fleet photo, organized PvP, or any other event designated as a fleet event.

Do not modify the fleet uniform.

Exception 1: Female toons may use a skirt

Exception 2: You may use any comm badge

All fleet uniforms must have the fleet logo on them.

You must use the proper rank insignia for your fleet rank. For example, if your fleet rank is Commander you need to use the Commander rank insignia.

Fleet Bank
Items in the fleet bank are for everyone to use and will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. Once a item and/or energy credits is placed in the fleet bank it becomes the property of the fleet, NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you want something out of the fleet bank please contact any fleet officer. (Resources Officer, Fleet XO, Fleet CO)

Items in the fleet bank are to be used. DO NOT remove an item from the fleet bank and sell it to the exchange without the permission of a fleet officer. (In fleet rank of Rear Admiral or Higher)

All energy credits made from selling items from the fleet bank must be placed in the fleet bank.

No common or uncommon items or any item you can purchase from a vendor.

Fleet Provisions
All fleet members will have to earn the rank of Lieutenant Commander to have access to the fleet provisions.

All fleet provisions for personal equipment are limited to a set strictly for your captain. Do not use fleet provisions to buy equipment for your bridge officers.

Selling of fleet provisions will be accepted for only the ship requisition provisions. This must be done at Earth Spacedock and a FLEET RANK of Rear Admiral or higher must be present during the transaction. All energy credits for the sale must be acquired before a person is invited to the fleet and given access to our provisions.

Alternate Characters
The fleet will support your alt characters. All alts must earn their own fleet rank. For example if your main character in the fleet is a fleet rank of Commander your alt characters will not automatically get a promotion to Commander.

The only exception to this is any fleet member with the rank of Rear Admiral or higher. As part of the fleet command staff this member needs to be able to perform their duties regardless of the character they are playing.

Teamspeak Rules
(This section will be added soon. Rules are currently posted in each channel on teamspeak.

AF Comm System Global Channel Rules
Language must, at all times, be polite and respectful to other users. While swearing is permitted, users must exercise good judgement as to what is acceptable. The same applies for descriptions of violence. Overtly sexual material is not acceptable. If in doubt, a player should err on the side of caution/consult with the Operator(s) present in the channel.

In Closing
All users shall be aware of The Armada Fleet Handbook and adhere to it.

No user shall abuse any other Fleet Member or any other external organization.

Any user found contravening these rules are liable in the first instance to the full disciplinary powers of any officer (i.e. kicks, bans etc.). Should a serious breach occur, infractions may be resolved before Senior Officers. Any user may also appeal the verdict of the senior officers to The Armada Fleet's Leadership Council. Swann@meswannjr, ShAuNmAn-X@shaunmanx, Xenoa@Xenoa, Hoshi-Ko@ab1t0r, and Professor Jak@cannibalchicken

No person under the age of 18 years old will be accepted into the fleet.

These rules are subject to change, updates, and/or modification, with our without prior notice.

And lastly, Always Have Fun!

Chain of Command
The Armada Fleet's command structure is extremely simple; designed to be easily understood by all of our members. It is our goal that the organization in our command structure will allow our general membership to focus on their game and enjoyment without having to worry about internal fleet politics. Descriptions of Duty's and Ranks can be found here:

  • Rank 1 - Lieutenant/Warrior - Our introductory rank. Here your only job is to meet the community, learn our guidelines, and most importantly - HAVE FUN!
  • Rank 2 - Lieutenant Commander - So you’ve met the requirements for your first promotion, fantastic. At this rank you can purchase gear from the Fleet Stores.
  • Rank 3 - Commander - It’s impressive you’ve made it here. You’ve shown true loyalty and dedication to the community. At this point, you’ve made some close friends that will have your back through thick and thin.
  • Rank 4 - Captain/Major - If you’ve reached this point, then you are prepared to be groomed to become an officer of the fleet. Welcome to the Junior Officer class. Here you’ll learn about all the nitty/gritty behind the scenes fun that goes into allowing our community to function, grow, and become what it is.
  • Rank 5 - Rear Admiral/Colonel - So you’ve become a Senior Officer? Fantastic. Why are you reading this? Get back to work.
  • Rank 6 - Vice Admiral/General - You’re now second in command of one of the Armada Fleets? That’s cool, shouldn’t you be doing something instead of re-reading the handbook for the thousandth time?
  • Rank 7 - Fleet Admiral/Dahar Master - You’re now in command of your own fleet! Congrats, either your fleet is a new addition to the community or someone died. Either way, congrats. Now get back to slacking off.

Sub Fleets
All sub fleets of The Armada Fleet will follow The Armada Fleet handbook and uphold its code of conduct at all times.

Each sub fleet will have their own group of Senior and Junior Officers to fill their departments, however existing department heads can be temporarily appointed to fill the position until it is filled.

A sub fleet may choose to depart from the mother fleet at any time. Also at the time of departure, the departing sub fleet must remove The Armada Fleet from their fleet name; redesign their fleet uniforms and fleet logo.

All pre-established fleets that wish to join The Armada Fleet community must have a minimum of 50 active members.

Any pre-established fleets that wish to join the The Armada Fleet community may only have 1 member at rank 7. If more that one member is already at rank 7 then they must decide who will hold rank 7 to become that fleets commanding officer. Another may be chosen to hold the fleets rank 6 as the fleet executive officer. Any others will be moved to the rank 5 position.

Promotions and Requirements

Lieutenant - everyone starts here. Entry level position.

Lt. Commander - 100,000 in FC donations, however, using TS removes this requirement entirely (TS is not required, this is simply a bonus for taking advantage of a resource the fleet is providing.) AKA If you join TS this is automatic.

Commander - 750,000 in FC donations.

Captain - 1.5 million in FC donations. Jr. Officer Rank. This will create a small pool of dedicated players to form minor support staff where we can teach and groom future leaders.

Rear Admiral - Senior Officers - Recruitment Officers, Builds Officers, etc. (you may have a max of 4. This does not include Rank 6s from other fleets spreading toons out to aide our partner fleets.)

Vice Admiral - XO & Resources Officer - these two positions are the most important in fleet ops. (this max of 2 does not include Rank 7s of other fleets spreading toons out to aide our partners)