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This just happened...

Corran / Jun 28, 2016
It's like someone just hit the reset button on the exchange.

Plasmonic leeches are now 22 mil ec
Kemocite 1 selling for only 40 mil ec

keys are 6.5 mil ec
Dil exchange is 475 to 1 zen and rising

Star Trek Online: Infinity Lock Box
By LaughingTrendy Tue 28 Jun 2016 09:30:00 AM PDT

We are excited to announce a complete overhaul of our existing “All Lock Box Drop” Event, with the introduction of a new method of obtaining prizes from retired Lock Boxes: The Infinity Lock Box

Beginning with the upcoming event, players will no longer find old lock boxes being rewarded by missions and defeating enemies, but will instead be occasionally rewarded with Infinity Lock Boxes. These boxes, just like all previous lock boxes, require a Master Key to open. However, the contents will include prizes from nearly all retired boxes in a single, massive prize table!

In order to help ensure that this massive number of prizes doesn’t place your desired prize too far out of reach, we are introducing an element of choice into the Infinity Lock Box. Most prize entries will reward the key-user with an Infinity Prize Pack for whichever prize entry they won. Infinity Prize Packs are bound to the person that won them, but offer an unrestricted choice as to which item they wish to have won. Once that choice is made, the item(s) rewarded will be unbound, and can be freely traded/sold/gifted to other players.

You may win an item named “Infinity Prize Pack: T6 Starship” which will be bound to the character that won it. Upon using/activating this package, you will be presented with a choice that includes all previously offered T6 Starships: Benthan Assault Cruiser, Vaadwaur Manasa Assault Escort, Krenim Imperium Warship, etc.

Choosing any of those entries will reward you with a packed-up version of the chosen ship, which can then be kept and opened for yourself, or freely traded/sold/gifted to other players.

The Infinity Lock Box will only be available for a limited time! However, each time it returns it will be updated with additional prizes from more recently-retired Lock Boxes, offering even greater variety and choice of prizes to be won.

The table below shows which prize entries will grant choices via an Infinity Prize Pack, and which will reward random (non-bound) prizes directly into your inventory.




T6 Ultra-Rare Ship

Infinity Prize Pack

Vonph Herald Dreadnought Carrier [T6]

T6 Ship

Infinity Prize Pack

Krenim Imperium Warship [T6]

T5 Ship

Infinity Prize Pack

Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer [T5]

T5 Secondary Ship

Infinity Prize Pack

Mirror Universe ships, Kazon Raider


Infinity Prize Pack

Plasmonic Leech, Vaadwaur Constriction Anchor

Space Trait

Infinity Prize Pack

Precise, Anchored, Fluidic Cocoon

Ground Trait

Infinity Prize Pack

Pack Leader, Molt, Photonic Armor Protocol

Bridge Officer Training Manual

Infinity Prize Pack

Kemocite-laced Weaponry, Subspace Vortex

Kit Module

Infinity Prize Pack

Vaadwaur Anchor Drone, Deadly Intent, Gravimetric Traps (***)

Weapon Pack

Infinity Prize Pack

Phased Tetryon, Coalition Disruptors

Duty Officers


Tholian Warfare Specialists, Temporal Duty Officers

X-Large Boosts


Extra-Special VIP Dilithium Claims, 150 Fleet Mark Bonus Pools

Duty Officer Assignments


Temporal Beacon, Holonovel Fragment

Large Boosts


VIP Dilithium Claims, 100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pools

Kit Frames


Xindi Experimental Kit Frames, Fluidic Kit Frames

Crafting Packs & Duty Officer Packs


Gamma Quadrant Duty Officers, R&D Booster Packs

*** Infinity Prize Pack: Kit Module only offers a choice of Profession (Eng, Sci, Tac or Universal). The Kit Module rewarded is still randomized, within the chosen profession

The Infinity Lock Box Event will first appear on June 28nd and run up until the release of the Agents of Yesterday expansion.


Q: Will existing Lock Boxes be updated? Can they still be obtained?
A: No. The contents of existing retired Lock Boxes will not be updated to reflect these changes, and we will no longer allow retired Lock Boxes to be acquired in-game.

Q: When new prizes are added, will existing Infinity Prize Packs be updated?
A: Yes. But they are only updated once when each Infinity Event begins anew. Prizes offered within the Infinity Lock Box will also not include the most recently retired Lock Box – addition of those prizes will be delayed for some time.

Jeremy “BorticusCryptic” Randall
Staff Systems Designer
Star Trek Online


it wasnt a reset, it is due to the new lockbox leaches are dropping like flies,I opend 15 got 3 kemo, and 2 leaches nd some other stuff, dil prices are sky high due to everyone cashing in to get zen for keys.
kemo2, fl coccoon and insp. leader for 125.. im happy 😎 - that shit cost me over 800 on my main space toon though
Regardless of your interpretation on what happened is, the important thing is the good stuff is at a much better price for a moment.
Dax,you could make a joke out of the lockbox situation,and,I could not help this,it was too juicy to pass :p

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