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*GASP* People play games other than STO?!?

ShAuNmAn-X / Apr 12, 2016
What is posted above is entirely correct. With 11.5 now live more people will be in STO doing stuff but TAF as a whole also play other online games. The bulk of our shenanigans are in star trek online but we also play other games such as SWTOR, Grand Theft Auto V, Civilization V, and World of Warships to name a few. If you ever get the feeling that we're dead look for our members on these other titles. STO burnout is a real thing and people need to take a break from time to time. If they didn't less people would be playing overall.

Facts: STO just finished a chain of very grindy, monotonous events (anniversary, mirror, breach) and people need a break from that at times.

I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that overall we are a gaming community. We do place a lot of emphasis on STO but we game on other titles as a community. I know a lot of our member base is united by our passion for Trek and having fun with it but this community goes much deeper than that. We are about having fun online with each other in multiple ways. We are a group of friends united by our love for gaming and the unique brand of insanity that TAF has become known for.

I just wanted this to be a message to everyone that we haven't slowed down and we haven't died. We are very much alive and kicking.


Deaf Comms
My Gaming name across all games are the same.
Im always using the same name for every game I do. Either Dreymor or Dreymor Katal.
And you have to think with summer just around the corner we are all going to be doing the summer event (another grind)
Deaf Comms
Sometimes the grinds can be very overwhelming after a while, grind for this grind for that, and at times that does not help the STO fatigue, if anything it makes it worse at times
Does this mean Jesus will be taking us to the gun range soon?
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